Best Self Balancing Scooters January 2018 – Definitive Buyer’s Guide

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There are Top 10 Best Self Balancing Scooters which are called as Hoverboard in the Whole World where people are used to get it for their own betterment and Safety. Many of the people started complaining about the Batteries which gets damaged or Short Circuited.

It has become common issue in many of the Scooters which are used to drive by all the people who are required to use it. When the things got out of the Hands, then Hoverboards are used to recall by the CPSC.

CPSC is also known as the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the America. Over the Half of the Lakhs Hoverboard are used to go back unless and until people are used to sent back and also Fixed.

The recall basically meant over half a million hoverboard units going back until they are fixed and sent back. This recall was for the 8 main and famous manufacturers, and the combined number of 15 different models were affected.

While it didn’t seem like a big deal, the property damage that occurred because of the hoverboards ended up reaching $2 million in property damage.

This Type of Recall was for many of the Famous Manufacturers and also the mixed 15 different models were affected. There is much of the Damage of the property which is used to start due to the Hoverboard after the $2 Lakhs damage in the property.

Hoverboard are available as well as present in many of the Shops as well as market and they are quite safe and can be used without any problems. For an average people, searching a Best Hoverboard in the Market will be little difficult. There are many Famous as well as Great hoverboards which are used to make every activity to be better.

Hoverboards are kept available from many of the various companies as well as Models for keeping the Customers satisfied. So we will look after all the Better Hoverboard for their betterment of every people.

For Choosing the correct Hoverboard is very difficult and every people are used to do it for their betterment to get a Best Hoverboard for them. This type of Hoverboard are available in the Market because of various people’s who are used to find the variety of Hoverboard for their own welfare.

People should check out the certification of the UL2722 which is everything they can find. People are not be able to have any of the Second Thoughts.

Hoverboard Name

Max Speed

Battery Life



Halo Rover

(Editor’s Choice)

10 mph

2 Hours


Cell 1 / 5

Swagtron T1

8.5 mph

3 Hours


Cell 2 / 5

Segway miniPRO

10 mph

3 Hours


Cell 3 / 5

PowerBoard Self-Balancing


6.5 mph

4 Hours


Cell 4 / 5

Street Saw

11 mph

5 Hours


Cell 5 / 5

SwagTron T3

8.5 mph

3 Hours


Cell 6 / 5

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

8 mph

2 Hours


Cell 7 / 5

Jetson V6

10 mph

2 Hours


Cell 8 / 5

Hoverzon S

8 mph

4 Hours


Cell 9 / 5

Jetson Rover

8 mph

2 Hours


Cell 10 / 5

We have been told that choosing the right hoverboard has been a difficult task, mainly because of the wide variety of options available in market as well as the early controversy surrounding these hoverboards, but we can assure you that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the hoverboards that are currently in the market, and if you are still having some doubts, make sure you through this entire list, and in addition to that, check out the definition and pretty much everything about the UL2722 certification you can find.

Needless to say, you won’t be having second thoughts anymore.

1. Halo Rover – Best Hoverboard for buying

Halo Rover

There is a better Hoverboard on our List of Top 10 Hoverboards and the First One is the Halo Rover Hoverboard which is very Famous and Great. It has the Aluminium Fender Wings with the High Density, big tires for the all-terrain and the Maximum Limit of the Weight is of 264 Lbs and the Halo Rover is an great and Strong Hoverboard.

People are used to get all the better facilities ad features with this Hoverboard. It is used to get the technology of the No Fall in the Ride-Assist Form, which is used to keep the Hoverboard in an UpRight and also in Balanced Direction.

Halo Rover Hoverboard has the Highest Customer Rated Views in the Industry and also it has the Warranty of One Year with the Customer Service of the Stellar. People are not used to get only the great Quality of the UL22722 Hoverboard, but people are used to get all the backing of the great as well as superb company.

There are many of the features of the Halo Rover Hoverboard. So Halo Rover Hoverboard has great features for making every people happy.

Features of the Halo Rover Hoverboard:

  • It comes with the certification of the UL 2272 and also it comes with the FireSafe LG Battery of the UL certified for all the years of use of the Free Worry.
  • It has the facility of the Bluetooth Speakers for playing the Music and the Front LED Powerful Headlights and also the Lights with the Rear Brakes for the Visibility.
  • It has the Technology of the No Fall Ride-Assist and also consists of the Free Carry Case Hard Shell.
  • It has tires of the 8.5 Inch and has the Dual 400w Powerful Motors which makes to ride the people over the uneven Terrain, Grass, Dirt and also the Smooth Surfaces easily.
  • There is an App for the Halo Rover which cab be able to track the Battery Life, Location as well as Mileage and also making the access to the 3 Modes of the Riding which consists of the Training Mode.
  • There is a Maximum Speed of 10 mph of the Halo Rover which is used to offer with a Range of 10 Miles.
  • For the Dust as well as Water Resistance, there is a Hoverboard which is Certification of the IPX4.
  • It is used to Ride anywhere in the Outdoor as well as Indoor.
  • It has the Halo Wings which is Protecting the Board.
  • It has the Non-Flat Indestructible 8.5 Inch Tires.
  • It has the Mobile Application as well as Speakers of the Bluetooth.
  • It has the Great Smooth Ride.
  • It has the Finish of the High Speed.
  • Halo Rover Hoverboard is made from the Components of the Highest Grade.
  • Halo Rover Hoverboard has the Bluetooth Speakers which is Built-in for the Music.
  • It is the Carbon Fiber Body with the Full T700.
  • It has the Output from the Two Motors with the 3000 Watts.
  • Halo Rover Hoverboard has a Top Speed of the 22 Mph and the Range of the 12 Miles.
  • It has the Weight below the 15 Pounds.

People are used to do many of the Extensive Reviews for all the Top Hoverboards and it is the number One Hoverboard. Due to the Great as well as Advanced Features, it is the secure and the Best Hoverboard.

Halo Rover Hoverboard is used to get many of the features such as the Mobile App, Bluetooth, Free Carry Bag and the Batteries of the Certified Safety and because of all the facilities it is the number One in the World. The Exclusive Technology of the Ride Assistance supports all the people to learn how to ride without any falling.

2. SwagTron T1 - Who doesn’t know SwagTron?

SwagTron T1

Swagtron T1 is the First Self-Balancing Scooter which are used to get it by many of the people. It is one of the Most Leading Brands in the Business of the Hoverboard and they are used to have many of the different models for their flexibility.

SwagTron T1 is bused to considered as the Model of the High-End because there are many Features which one needs in the Hoverboard. It is the Certification of the UL2272 Hoverboard and It is very Safe from any of the problems of the Battery which leads to the controversy of the Fire which was happened in the China Country when HoverBoard became available.

For the Safety of the HoverBoard, There are many of the tests done on the HoverBoard to get it certified for it’s security. So there are many Tests which are done by many of the people for their own betterment.

Advantages of the SwagTron T1

  • It is used to come up with the certification of the UL 2272 which ensures High Safety and Satisfaction.
  • It is used to give a 8+ Miles Top Speed to the 12+ Miles Range.
  • It is used to come up with the Scooter Motor of the Two Electric with a 300 Watts.
  • SwagTron T1 is a Rechargeable Battery of the ion which is used to lasts to 2 to 3 Hours for a Full Single Charge.
  • SwagTron T1 comes up with the Battery Indicators, Lightweight Body, Headlights of the LED and the Bumpers of the Rubber.
  • It comes up with the Technology of the Patented SentryShield Battery and also has the Management of the Smart Battery System which is used to Protect and Monitor the Battery.

SwagTron T1 is used to give all the Comforts as well as Great HoverBoards. People should be able to get all the Comforts, Great Hoverboards.

Sure, you can spend a little more and get the T3 model, but whether or not you need the extra bling like Bluetooth speakers, a handle, and some additional visual changes, the decision is up to you.

People are used to get all the Models of the T3, But the People needs the Extra Bling such as the Handle, Spekers of the Bluetooth and also the Changes in the Visual. It is the HoverBoard which is able to give the Money value, LightWeight Design and also the Money Value.

3. Segway MiniPro – Self-Balancing Transporter with Mobile Application

Segway MiniPro

Seyway MiniPro is a better HoverBoard and it is one of the Best Transporter with Application of the Mobiles. After Looking at It’s Features one has to get this type of Beast.

Like the Swagtron, Segway is also the Great Manufacturer for the Business of the HoverBoard. MiniPro is very different than the usual which is used to give the Good Things.

It has many of the Better Features which will suit the requirements of the Powerful and the Advanced users. HoverBoard is available in Two Colors which are Black as well as White and Both the Colors have the Red Accents.

HoverBoard is also has a Handle by which people like it for having it. Segway can be used to connect to the Mobile with the Bluetooth and the Free Application which is available.

Segway is used an Application because of it’s features such as the Anti-Theft Alarm, Control of the Speed, Vehicle Diagnostics, Updates of the Firmware, Lights of the Customizable and the Operation of the Remote Control. Segway MiniPro gives UL2272 and the HoverBoard is used to give the Highest Safety.

HoverBoard can be used to manage the Payload of 220 lbs and the Exoskeleton is Light-Weight and it is made up of Magnesium Alloy with the Strong Aircraft-Grade. HoverBoard is also used to give the 10.5 Inch Air Filled Tires with the Pneumatic which is able for transferring the absorption of the Shock of the Military Grade for the users.

There is a Two Motor Equipment which is capable of transferring power of 1600 watts and all this makes the HoverBoard to reach a 10 MPH and the 14 Miles Distance when it is charged totally. For giving the Maximum comfort for the Padded Knee Bar with the capability to give the Steering Precision for great control of the HoverBoards which are dependent on the Steering of the Foot-Pivot.

Besides the Price Tag, It is very good for all the people with the Seyway MiniPro. It is very Costly, but looking for the Construction and also the Construction of the Sheer Quality, One can be able to wonder the Quality of the Transformer.

It is one of the Great Self Balancing Scooters which are used to purchase it with many of the people. So Segway is a Great HoverBoard which is very useful for every people.

Features of the Segway HoverBoard

  • It has the Features to connect to the Mobile Application through the Bluetooth and they are Control of the Speed, Anti-Theft Alarm, Operation of the Remote Control, Diagnostics of the Vehicle, Lights of the Customizable and the updation of the Firmware.
  • There is a Certification of the UL2272 unit which has the High Standards and also the Electric Security Set through the Security Science Company Laboratories Underwriters of the World Renown.
  • It has the LBS of the 220 Payload, Strong Magnesium Alloy Frame with the Strong Aircraft Grade and also the 10.5 Inch Tires of the Air Filled with the Shock Absorption ability of the Military Grade.
  • Knee of the Paddle bar increases the Comfort as well as gives the Steering of the Precision for better Designed and Efficiency for the people which has a Great Control than the Hoverboard and the Electronic Scooters that is used to rely on the Steering of the Foot-Pivot.

To be very honest, apart from the price tag, there isn’t anything wrong with Segway miniPRO.

4. PowerBoard Scooter – Most Affordable in the List of HoverBoard

PowerBoard Scooter

This is a Scooter which has the ability of the Self Balancing PowerBoard Scooter and it6 comes in the Number 4th List of the Best Self Balancing Scooters. PowerBoard is one of the Affordable as well as Renowned Branded HoverBoards which is very different from the Others.

PowerBoard is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to hoverboards, and this one’s no different.

This is a Scooter which has the ability of the Self Balancing PowerBoard Scooter and it6 comes in the Number 4th List of the Best Self Balancing Scooters. PowerBoard is one of the Affordabl;e as well as Renowned Branded HoverBoards which is very different from the Others.

Before Telling the Details of the HoverBoard, We tell you that this HoverBoard is Most Affordable in the Whole Market. We all are really happy that the Price Budget Oriented Tag don’t get into any of the Risk for the certifications as well as Specifications.

People are not getting any of the Features which are Fancy or Great and also available in the MiniPro Segway, but it is okay for everyone as PowerBoard Scooter is very cheaper than any Other HoverBoard Scooters. We will Look at every Features as well as the Design of the PowerBoard Scooter.

There are many of the Great Features of the PowerBoard Scooters. They are as Follows:

  • According to the need of the Government of the US and also the Security Standards and come up with the UL2722 Certification. This is Full Guarantee about this PowerBoard that it will not overheat and also don’t have the Short Circuit of the Battery or Catch Fire.
  • The Company of the PowerBoard is based in the USA, and also many of the Orders are Process for the Same Day and the Delivery is very Quick.
  • Despite the Factor of the Budget Oriented, This PowerBoard can be able to give you better Speed which has the ability to reach 10 Km /hr.
  • The Whole Riding Experience of the PowerBoard is used to handle for remaining Simple as well as Smooth and also the making it to turn besides every Corner at the maximum speeds was not a difficult Task.
  • For the people who require the HoverBoard Ships with a great warranty of 1 year is available here and also this Company gives the Best Facility and Service Help to everyone and there are not a Single Complaints.

There is a Great offer for the Great as well as Affordable Price which is used to give all the better features to the people. This PowerBoard is used to get all the great facilities and services for every people.

When the people are used to compare the PowerBoard to the Higher Range of a Price, then it will not be comparable as it has the Low Features than the Higher Price Range. But No one can be better than this PowerBoard Self-Balancing Scooter.

It is the PowerBoard which will make you offer many of the Great Features without any of the problems to the people. PowerBoard is used to give all the better ideas to do all the activities in a better way to all the people in a cheap Price Range.

5. Street Saw – Fastest HoverBoard

Street Saw – Fastest Hoverboard

This type of HoverBoard is called as the Street Saw and This HoverBoard has it’s Own Name and can be recognized with the name of it’s Company. If you are looking for the Real Name of this HoverBoard than it’s name is the DailySaw 6.5 Inch HoverBoard.

People are used to take interest in making know the Model or the Actual Name of the HoverBoard. This HoverBoard has a name which is similar to the usual Standard HoverBoard. One can get this HoverBoard in many of the Different Colours such as the Simple Black and everyone should know that this HoverBoard is good enough to do every activity better with many of the Better Features.

Advantages of the PowerBoard HoverBoard

  • This Type of PowerBoard HoverBoard is used to have 2 LED Facing Front Lights which are powerful for throwing Light with the 6.5 Feet Distance away from the PowerBoard HoverBoard. PowerBoard HoverBoard is a very Good HoverBoard which makes every people to look at the Obstacles that is used to lie about them.
  • This HoverBoard is very useful for every people to come across everyone.
  • Batteries of this HoverBoard are from the LG or the Samsung and they are very Efficient and it can lasts upto 5 to 6 Hours without any problems. The Battery Endurance is used to depend on the Usage of the people.
  • Like Other of the HoverBoard, This HoverBoard comes with the UL2722 Certification which means that the PowerBoard HoverBoard is Totally Secure from all the damages as well as problems which are Found in the early Batches.

From the very Important Features, there is 6.5 Inch Tires which are LightWeight. It is used to make for the accurate travelling Tires and because of it, people are not used to face any type of problems.

6. SwagTron T3 – Expensive But Great

SwagTron T3

SwagTron T3 is the Great and Upadated Model of the T1 which is better than the everyone. As Compared to the Department of the Design, people are used to get all the Features like the Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights which has the Sync with all your Mobile Phones as well as many Features.

There are many types of Rumours spread by many of the people and also manage to tackle all the activities for their own betterment. SwagTron T3 is a great Upgrade for the SwagTron T1 for the people’s Welfare.

Features of SwagTron T3

  • HoverBoard is used to come up with the UL 2722 certification which is used to ensure the Combustion of the HoverBoard. HoverBoard is used to go through the tests of the Extensive Security which are very necessary for the Government.
  • HoverBoard gives the max speed of the 8+ mph and it has the 7-12 Miles Range which is totally dependent on many of the users.
  • It has Motors of Two of 300 watts which are used for some of the Electronic Scooters of the High-Ends.
  • There is a Battery of Lithium ion which has the power to get charged in 2 to 3 Hours max and also don’t heat up all.
  • HoverBoard has the Built-in Speakers of the Bluetooth which has the sync with the Mobile.
  • HoverBoard also has the Rubber Bumpers, Indicators of the Battery, LED Headlights, Shell of the LightWeight and the Overall Sturdy.
  • Like the SwanTron T1, SwanTron T3 is used to come up with the Technology of the Patented SentryShield and well management of the Intelligent Battery which ensures the safely operation of the HoverBoard without the Probloem.

SwagTron T3 is not the Fastest, but it is very Advanced HoverBoard available in the Market and it has the great Features such as the Technology of the Sentry Shield with the Performance of the Price. People are used to wonder about the SwagTron T3 is better than the SwagTron T1 or not.

SwagTron T3 does not have many of the Features which are missing from the SwagTron T1. But People are required to get them for their own betterment.

7. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – Smartest HoverBoard

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

There are many of the List of the HoverBoard which can be considered for every people to get them every Facility. This is the Razor HoverTrax HoverBoard 2.0 which is the World’s Smartest and Strongest HoverBoard in the Market.

People are used to wonder about the Razor HoverTrax 2.0 which is smartest HoverBoard in the Market. People are used to look at many of the Features and also make a proper look at the Razor HoverTrax 2.0.

There are many of the Better Things one can search about the HoverTrax 2.0.

Advantages of the Razor HoverTrax 2.0 are as Follows

  • Every type of HoverBoard is needed a UL2272 Certification which is used to consider some of the incidents. This Type of Hoverboard is used to for all the Secure Instructions which are given by the Government and also it will not be able to have a Short Circuit of the Batteries and catch Fire.
  • Razor HoverTrax 2.0 gives the cruising great speed of the 8+ mph and also it has the Motors of the 350-watts which are both Efficient and Silent.
  • Razor HoverTrax 2.0 has the ability to run with the 60 Mins total charge and also it has the Best Duration and it is still the commendable.
  • People should also keep in Mind about the Weight of the Riders and we will consider it while the Total Run Time Measurement.
  • Razor HoverTrax 2.0 has the LG Battery and the Battery of the HoverBoard have the ability to change easily. So If anyone goes out and they run out then they can be able to change the Batteries without any type of problem with a Mobile Phone.
  • For the Technical specifications and they are made by the 36V and also made by the LG.
  • Razor HoverTrax 2.0 is used to have the Razor’s own Technology of the EverBalance.
  • HoverBoard can be able to raise their level and it may seem as a Gimmick and also it makes every people to stand on Razor HoverTrax 2.0 and i9t is used to ride it.
  • It comes with many of the great features like the Display of the LED Blue Light Bar, power indicator of the LED Battery, Bumpers of the Fenders and the Two different modes of the Riding whi9ch are suitable for the advanced and the Beginners.

There are many of the award for the Razor HoverTrax 2.0 and it is the most packed feature and Razor HoverTrax is one of the Best HoverBoards which are available in the market. It is very cheap and great with many of the other HoverBoards which are used to price in a similar category.

Can Razor Hovertrox 2.0 target them and still be a worthy purchase? Definitely.

8. Jetson V6 – Beginners Friendly HoverBoard

Jetson V6

Jetson V6 is on our list and also the people are interesting in purchasing a model that this HowerBoard is exclusive for the Target only. Inspite the Exclusivity, Jetson V6 is a good HoverBoard for buying it.

HoverBoard is now the Best in the market and it has all the great features. Jetson V6 HoverBoard has the Frame which is made from the Steel and also not of the Aluminium which has the common material which are used in many of the HoverBoard.

Jetson V6 has given many of the other type of Options. They are as Follows

  • Jetson V6 HoverBoard gives 10 Miles per Hour Top Speed and the 15 Miles great Range.
  • Jetson V6 HoverBoard is used to charge easily for the 2 Hours.
  • It has the 350 w Motors and Wheels of the Two of the 8 Inch.
  • Jetson V6 HoverBoard is uised to come up with the UL2722 certification which is used to ensure about the Safety of the HoverBoard from the smoking as well as Flaming problems which are reported.
  • Jetson V6 HoverBoard is used to have an Application which can be able to download on the Android and IOS.
  • This type of Application is used to control many of the aspects of the HoverBoard which is used to include sensitivity and the Speed.
  • It has many of the additional features such as the Speakers of the Bluetooth 4.0 and the Lights of the LED for adding the extra feature and the value.

Jetson V6 HoverBoard has many of the abilities and it is really very good. There is a small problem with the exclusivity of the Target which makes some of the people to get away from the HoverBoard.

Jetson V6 is one of the Best HoverBoard with all the great features. Jetson V6 has the better quality for every people to get it for them.

9. Hoverzon S – Self Balancing Scooter

Hoverzon S

Hoverzon S is a great and Famous Self Balancing Scooter and there is a no amount of innovation in the Hoverboard of Standard can be done. Hoverzon S can be used to add Powered Speakers Bluetooth.

If the people are used to get many of the examples of the Segway MiniPRO, But every people should keep in the mind that the Standard HoverBoard Price is less than the HoverBoard. This is the HoverBoard which is tested by many of the people with the true as well as Tried Quality, No Faulty Design and Stuff for the correct amount which the user has the curiosity to purchase.

It has the same Price for every other HoverBoard which is their on the list and it is very Good thing as it has the ability for every customer many of the options without the Budget Stretch. The Company claims that the “Exclusive” Feature which is used to built in a right way in the HoverBoard and that Feature is used to make the HoverBoard of the Choice.

Features of the Hoverzon S

  • There are features of the Hoverzon S which has an Exclusive ‘Aegis Armor’ that gives the Protection of the Multilayer to the Battery. Hoverzon S may attract, but it has the capability to protect the Battery from some Bumps.
  • Like the other HoverBoards in the Top 10 List, this HoverBoard is very safe as it comes with the UL2272 certification which means that the HoverBoard is secure against the problems like Fire Catching or getting the Short Circuit.
  • Hoverzon S has the features of the exterior FireProof casing and the Pedals of the Sensors.
  • Company is used to claim that the Hoverzon S is used to come up with the Motor of the Top Tier, and the Gear Stabilization Feature which is present in every HoverBoard for giving a responsive as well as Stable Control.
  • Horizon has many of the features which are used to get innovative system of the Battery Management which is used to smartly develop the overall performance of the Battery and the Battery Management of the Top of the Line.
  • Horizon S is used to come up with two different modes of the Speed which suits many of the Experts and the Beginners after switching around these types of Modes which can fly and It is very Convenient and Good for the Beginners.
  • Dual Motors with the 250 watts – It has the 8 mph speed with an 11 mph Range and also supports the 220 lbs.
  • It is a UL2272 certified – It has the Self-balancing scooter Wheel with the Horizon 2 for all the Electrical Tests of the Safety.
  • It is loaded with the Totally equipped Battery Indicators, Headlights of the LED, Modes of the Two Rides and the Bumpers of the Rubber.
  • Self-Balancing with the Safety – There are Two Motors which are Gyroscopic and they allow the people to control the HoverBoard for shifting the Weight of the Body.
  • Safe from the Ride – Hoverzon Patented Aegis Armor with the management system of the smart Battery which is used to give the protection to the Multi layered skate Board Hover.

There are many of the developments in the HoverBoard when people are used to make the comparison of this HoverBoards with the other HoverBoards. This HoverBoard has the management of the Battery with the Aegis Armor in the Market.

This type of HoverBoard is available in the 6 colors and the colors have the similar price. For having a different color, people don’t have to pay little more for having a different color.

10.  Jetson Rover V8 – This HoverBoard is a Monster

Jetson Rover V8

Many people are used to love the Jetson Rover V6 and now it has been developed by the people and the Upgraded version is used to known as the Jetson Rover V6. It is an Upgraded Model which was announced quickly at the Last Month and it has many of the Followers to get it.

This type of Jetson V8 has developed over the Jetson V6 with the addition of many of the features like it has little bit more powerful Motors and some of the changes in the design which are used to look good. The Change in the design does not do anything to the usage of the HoverBoard and the Practically.

After Wasting much of the time, we are looking at many of the things which makes the Jetson V8 the Best Scooter of the Self Balancing for the Price given. So there are many of the features of the Jetson Rover V8.

Features of the Jetson Rover V8

  • There is a Two of 8.5 Inches of the Jetson Ships with the all-terrain Tires and Inflatable. This type of Tires are used to get built on each and every Single Terrain. It does not matter about the Travelling on the Smooth Surfaces, Gravel and also even Grass and it can be able to travel without any type of problem.
  • Like many of the other HoverBoards, Jetson V8 is used to come up with the 2272 Certification and it is used to mean that HoverBoard has finish all the certifications which are put by the Government.
  • Jetson V8 is used to come up with the Rear LED and the Front LED which are accurate for all the People and the Rider who are used to come up with the Front and also it will be able to give every people the Visual Cue. People are used to find it some Gimmicky and it is very better for those people who are riding it at the Night.
  • This type of the Jetson V8 HoverBoard which is used to come up with the 3 of the different Modes : Standard, Learning as well as Pro Mode. This type of Modes are used to configure the HoverBoard as per the Choice and also gives the Optimal Experience.
  • Jetson V8 HoverBoard is used to come up with a great application by which every people are used to control the HoverBoard and has many of the Useful Features which sounds Gimmicky.
  • It is used to come up with the Motors of the Dual 400w which gives the Best Speeds and also Ride without any type of Problem.
  • It also comes with the IP Certification which makes it Water Resistance as well as Dust Resistance.
  • There is a 400 Watt Dual Motors with a 10 mph Top Speed for the 12 miles and it also supports up to the 231 lbs. Every type of Scooter of the Self Balancing is like the UL 2272 Certified for the security by changing the time of 1.5 Hours.
  • There is a GYROS Independent delivery Equilibrium Dynamic for enhancement control with the Body Weight Shifting. There is a Zero Degree Radius of the tuning makes every people to impress their Friends with the control as well as Epic Skills.
  • There is a 3 Modes Speed which are used to control from the App which is free and you can download it on the SmartPhone. One can be able to check their Battery Life, Change the Riding Modes and the Route of the History with the Bluetooth App Jetson V8.
  • There is a LED HeadLights and the Rear Braking Lights with the Safety First Features. There is a Non-Slip Foot Pedals with the Built-in Speakers of the Bluetooth for listening your Favorite Podcasts as well as Music when you Travel.
  • There is an All Terrain Tires of this HoverBoard which can measure 8.5“. It can Ride over the Grass, Gravel as well as many other Surfaces.
  • There is a Rating of the Water Resistance of the IPX4 and the Jetson V8 can be able to dart with the Impunity through Puddles.

There are many of the Good Things about the Jetson Rover V8 and it has much of the Features which are Practical as well as Liked by many people. Jetson V8 is there in the Top 10 List because of it’s great Features for Both the Power and Standard users.

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